What time does the event start/finish?

Start and finish times vary, please refer to the event description. Our team will be in touch with all guests 1 week before your event with full event details.

Does the food service start when we arrive?

Food service starts from when you are seated.

Are bottomless drinks available?

Yes. You can purchase this directly at the venue. The bottomless drink options vary at each venue.

If we buy tickets separately can we sit together?

Yes, we will be in touch via email with all brunch ticket holders prior to the event to coordinate seating arrangements.

I have an entry only ticket, what time do I arrive?

This varies depending on the venue. Please refer to the timings stated on your ticket

Can entry only ticket holders join brunch tables?

No, entry only ticket holders cannot be seated with brunch guests

What happens after food service?

We party!

Are tickets refundable?

Brunch tickets are non-refundable. Please ensure you can attend before purchasing. Only under exceptional circumstances will we consider a refund. We are able to transfer tickets to a future date with a minimum of 14 days notice.

Do you do group / birthday discounts?

Yes, please get in touch with us: ibizaanthemsbrunch@gmail.com

Do I need to bring ID?

All venues operate differently. We do advise that you bring a valid photographic ID with you.

I had my photo taken at an event, where can I find it?

Photos are uploaded to our Facebook page.

How can I book Ibiza Anthems Brunch for a private event?

Please contact us at info@ibizaanthemsbrunch.com

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